Hardstyle partners in crime: Rebelion

Birgit Roobol - 7 August 2019
DJ duos; the hardstyle scene is full of it. But how is it really to be part of such a duo? Could it be that one is functioning as a DJ and the other as a producer? How does this collaboration work in practice? What are the positives sides of working like this? Are there perhaps also downsides to it? Are those working as a duo friends with each other or do they see themselves as colleagues? It’s time to find out! This week we talk with: Rebelion.

“Hey! We are Rebelion, a duo consisting of two 10/10 geezers - Gary & Raymond.” The Scottish duo from Falkirk started 5 years ago. “We decided about 4 years ago we would give it our all and see where it would take us, which turned out to be pretty far, haha.”

Gary and Raymond met years before they were making music together, so they are true friends from the start. In fact, the first passion they shared was something completely different from hardstyle or making music. “Our love for the best football team in the world brought us together: Glasgow Rangers!”




Still, the boys came into contact with hardstyle and it started to itch. “At first, we had no idea that we could make a career out of this.” But Gary and Raymond did take it very seriously. “After a year of messing around, we felt like we could do something completely different from what had been done so far. Something special.”

Making the ‘Uprising’ album was like a fairy tale for them. They had so much fun making the album. “We had no idea what we were doing, but we just relied on it. No pressure.” They still have that feeling, but at that moment everything was new. “It really changed our lives.”

“We share the exact vision of music, so it made sense for us to go on this adventure together.” They never questioned their choice or thought about going solo. “The only advantage of being a solo artist is that you make more money.” But that's not what the boys are all about. “Performing and making music is about so much more than money.”




Together they are a dream team. But although the musical vision of Gary and Raymond is exactly the same, they, like many other duos, have different personalities. “That's really necessary to be successful as a duo.” Of course, they don't always agree with each other, but they always go for the best result. “The end product is the most important thing, no matter who is right or wrong.”

The lives of Gary and Raymond are truly intertwined. “We were already friends and that will always come first, no matter how difficult that may be from time to time due to business pressure. They see each other almost every day and they try to do everything together, if possible. “The most important thing, of course, is to be as productive as possible, whether we're together or not. But we prefer to work on something at the same time. When we are on the same conscious level, we really do special things which is amazing to be a part of.”

When we ask the boys about their vision on duos and why you see a relatively large number of duos in hardstyle, they start laughing. “There are many EDM duo-acts. And even the big ones, who look like a solo act aren't, haha.” Something that's totally at odds with the way Gary and Raymond work. They have conquered the scene by just being themselves and doing something completely different than was already done. “We push each other pretty hard. Sometimes maybe too far, but that's the reason why we are so diverse and have come where we are now. We are proud of that.”


At the moment, the boys are busy in the studio working on a special remix. Curious? Keep an eye on Rebelion through their socials.

Hardstyle partners in crime