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Rave Media represents two brands in dance music: Rave Report and Hardstyle Report. When we started Rave Report, a platform about techno, we started the Raveolution. In 2016 Hardstyle Report followed and we took over the hard dance scene. The Raveolution continued and still continues.

Rave Media creates more than just news and music. We create experience and entertainment. We connect fans with organisations, artists and professionals and devoted creatives with our blogs, columns and reports.

The idea of Rave Media started with one of our developers, Nick. The founder. Soon his girlfriend (as the bitchy boss she is) took over and selected a small team of awesome people. With their skills, the will to do things different, ambition and fresh view on the dance scene, they brought humour and passion in it.

Rave Media has a small and devoted team of creatives. Professional writers, photographer and developers. So, what can we do for you?

  • Blogs, columns, interviews, press releases; we’ll write what the hell you want!
  • Event reviews/reports
  • Video content
  • Photography
  • Advertisements

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Hardstyle Report is onderdeel van Rave Media.